How to supply artwork

There are many ways in which we can access your artwork.

Here are some guidelines to help you supply the best format, making sure your artwork is fit for purpose.

Our Design Department is currently using Adobe CS6 and Microsoft Office 14.5.5

We can accept:

• Adobe Illustrator vector files - ‘ai’ or ‘eps’.

• Adobe Photoshop pixelated files - ‘psd, eps, tiff, jpeg, png. bmp, gif’.

• Adobe Acrobat PDFs.

• Images must be saved at 300ppi at 100% or appropriate ppi (pixels per inch), ready for scaling.   

We will always supply a proof and indicate where necessary, if your images are not fit for purpose.

• If supplied on a CD please clearly label what is on the disc, including all your contact details or alternatively we can download via the internet using ie: WeTransfer or Dropbox.

• If none of the above applies to you or you are unsure of what to produce, then please contact one of our Sales Team members who will help you through the production process.


• Please make sure all typefaces are ‘outlined’ to prevent any corruption of not only the font/fonts used, but also your design and layout.

• If we are required to type set any copy/text, you must supply any missing fonts/typefaces.    Substitute fonts may alter your layout and design.

• All colours should be specified either as a CMYK breakdown (%), RAL, or as a Pantone reference.

• When digitally printing, we will endeavour to colour match to the closest colour and produced samples for you to approve. We also provide colour samples of commercial vinyl for your approval if selected.

• Please ensure that you have a copy of all your artwork before releasing it to our Design Department.


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